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To apply for a private money loan click below and complete the short application.  It's a simple process! Let us help you get the money you need to fund your real estate investment deal.  Note: this is a preliminary application, more information will be requested

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For a free estimated loan quote click below and provide us with the requested information. Keep in mind this is an "estimated loan quote" delivered to you with the numbers you provide. We use a standard 10% for closing costs and down payment (application fee, draw schedule fees, loan costs, insurance and any other third party fees); therefore, these numbers could change depending on the true loan numbers.

Proof of Funds Letter for ONLY $4.97

A Proof of Funds letter is typically required by real estate agents prior to them agreeing to submit any offers to their seller. Pathway To Funding, LLC, could provide you a Proof of Funds letter for up to $500,000 for only $4.97. 

For a Proof of Funds letter greater than $500,000, please contact us directly



Please note: Proof of Funds letters are not available online for investment properties located in Arizona, Idaho, Minnesota, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nevada, New York, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, and Vermont.

Property Assessment Report

A Property Assessment Report is possibly the closet you can get to an appraisal without the cost of one. Pathway To Funding, LLC partnered with Cogo Capital to provide you access to Quik Score Property Report which provides detailed data about the property you are considering. Learn the sales history, comps, and recent sales.  Where available, it could also include current listings, information about the market, schools in the area, impact of foreclosures, and the inventory. This will help you quickly determine the value for only $25. Nearly 95% of residential investment properties in the U.S. are available.  Order a Property Assessment Report and learn the flip potential of your prospective investment. 

Joint Venture

If your deal pencils and you are not able to come to the table with the required cash but have some reserves, we could become your partner. We would leverage our status and split the profits with you. This is a case-by-case bases and works best with fix and flip projects.

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