Private Money Lending With Pathway To Funding

  • Loans are asset-based which means the loan is secured by the real estate property

  • Property must be under contract in order to apply

  • Credit used only to utilize rate reduction

  • Minimum loan amount is $30,000

  • Loans are Interest Only 

  • 1st Trust Deed Lending Only

  • Verified Income Requirement: Down Payment, 1st Rehab Draw, Closing Costs and 3 Months Reserves

  • Cross-Collaterlization Allowed

Guideline Summary:

  • Term 3 - 360 months

  • Up to 100% of Purchase Price

  • 100% of Rehab Costs

  • Purchase LTV up to 75% of ARV

  • Refinance 70% of ARV

  • Cash Out Refinance 50% LTV

  • Interest Only (monthly payments)

  • No Prepayment Penalty

  • Non-owner occupied

  • Single Family Long-Term Hold (1-4)

  • Multifamily Apartments (1-50 units)

  • Commercial

  • NO minimum credit score on most loans

  • Multiple loans to the same Borrower

  • Joint venture partnerships

How Private Money Works

5 steps to a private money loan every borrower must understand

1.  You need an approved purchase and sales agreement/contract. An approved purchase contract is for a non-owner occupied property (owner does not reside in the property) and must be in the name of a business or Self-Directed IRA. Must be a profitable deal.

2.  You will need to complete the application packet provided to you. The application packet will include a few forms you need to complete. You will also need to provide a licensed contractor's bid and information on your financial situation.

3.  The lender will order the appraisal and gather the necessary documents from you. The ARV (after repair value) will be determined and you will need to provide documents needed to finalize your loan.

4.  The underwriter will assess risk and approve your loan. The underwriter will consider the following; are you going to be successful? Do your documents verify? How do you plan on paying the loan off, and what's your exit strategy?

5.  Funding your deal. During the funding stage the lender will set up your legal documents, establish the rehab escrow account (if applicable) and wire funds to closing. A lenders typical time frame like looks like this: appraisal takes about 5-7 business days; underwriting up to 3 business days, and usually can fund 1-2 business days. It all depends on how fast you get us the documents, so get started now!

What We Collect

Loan Application

Purchase Contract

Contractor's Bid

Upfront Costs

Bank Statements

Additional Docs

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